April 2019

MicroLyte® Ag Matrix Clinical Performance to be Featured at National Wound Healing Conference

Madison, WI, April 22, 2019– Imbed Biosciences, a developer of advanced biomaterials and soft tissue repair devices, announced today that clinical results documenting the use of its flagship product, MicroLyte® Ag resorbable antimicrobial wound matrix, will be presented at the Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in San Antonio, TX from May 8-10, 2019.  The company will also have a presence in the exhibitor space at booth #133.  SAWC is the nation’s largest interdisciplinary wound care forum.

The poster presentations, delivered by several of Imbed’s clinical collaborators, will highlight results in a variety of complex, chronic wounds and surgical applications.  The clinical case series were conducted independently at the Institute for Advanced Wound Care (Montgomery, AL), East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN), and Premier Surgical New Jersey (Brick Township, NJ) and typically evaluated wound closure after application of MicroLyte® Ag Matrix to leg ulcers, surgical wounds in diabetic patients, and various chronic colonized wounds. 

“The latest round of work that our clinical collaborators will share at SAWC continues to exemplify the tremendous wound healing capacity that MicroLyte® Ag Matrix possesses.  The clinical outcomes associated with the use of MicroLyte® Ag Matrix have the profound ability to change people lives,” said Ankit Agarwal, President and CEO of Imbed Biosciences. “We are excited to continue to work with these collaborators and others with the goal of assisting in healing many types of acute, chronic, and surgical wounds.” 

Dr. Ryan Chatelain will prominently feature MicroLyte® Ag Matrix in a podium presentation on May 9 at 2:55pm entitled “The Efficacy of a Synthetic Bioresorbable Synthetic Antimicrobial Matrix as an Implantable Material for At-Risk Surgical Wounds”.

Additional SAWC poster presentations of interest during the SAWC Poster Gala from 7:15 to 8:45pm on May 9 will include:

The Use of an Absorbable Polyvinyl/Polymeric Microfilm Matrix with Silver in the Treatment of Venous Ulcers: A Pilot Study

Terry Treadwell, MD; Donna Walker, LPN; Maggie Taylor, NA; Angela Pickens, RN; Jessica Baker, RN

Institute for Advanced Wound Care, Montgomery, AL

Use of an absorbable polyvinyl alcohol polymeric microfilm matrix loaded with silver helps to reliably heal chronic colonized wounds

Dr. Jarrod Kaufman, MD

Premier Surgical New Jersey (Brick Township, NJ)

Dr. Chatelain will also present his clinical findings during the SAWC Poster Gala on the evening of May 9.

Additionally, SAWC Exhibit Hall visitors will get an up-close look at Imbed’s groundbreaking, FDA-cleared MicroLyte® Ag Matrix, a fully-resorbable antimicrobial wound matrix.   MicroLyte® Ag Matrix is primarily composed of an ultrathin, resorbable polymeric film, which means it never needs to be removed from the wound bed.  MicroLyte® Ag Matrix is also fully synthetic, so there is no risk of disease transmission from animal based-components and it has a long shelf-life under ambient conditions (2 years or more).  MicroLyte® Ag Matrix is cleared for application in acute wounds such as lacerations, skin tears, abrasions, surgical wounds (e.g., donor and graft sites, incisions), partial thickness first- and second-degree burns, and partial to full-thickness dermal ulcers such as, diabetic, decubitus, venous stasis, arterial stasis ulcers.  The product may be applied daily or up to every 3 days, depending on the wound and the healing progression. The duration of the treatment depends on wound type and healing conditions.

About Imbed Biosciences, Inc.

Imbed Biosciences is a privately held medical device company developing next-generation medical devices for the management of burns, chronic ulcers, gastro-intestinal defects, and soft-tissue repair. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented MicroLyte® matrix polymeric multilayer platform that presents bioactive molecules on tissue surfaces to combat local pain and infections, support soft-tissue repair, and reduce antibiotic/opioid abuse. Imbed is backed by venture capital group WISC Partners based in Madison, WI, and has received research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. For more information, please visit www.imbedbio.com,www.MicroLyteAg.com,facebook.com/imbedbio, or @MicroLyteAgMtrx on twitter.

Contact information:

Jeff Dalsin, PhD,

Vice President, Products

jdalsin@imbedbio.comPhone: 608-237-1525 ext. 403

Imbed Biosciences Closes $2 Million in Series A Financing to Commercialize Wound Healing Matrix

Madison, Wisconsin (April 18, 2019) – Imbed Biosciences, Inc. (Imbed), a medical device company emerging as a leader in the development of advanced therapies for soft tissue repair, announced today that it has secured $2 million in a Series A Preferred Stock equity financing. The funding will be used to commercialize company’s FDA-cleared MicroLyte® Ag Antimicrobial Matrix indicated for the management of chronic ulcers, burns, and surgical wounds. 

“Thousands of patients with a variety of chronic wounds have already been successfully treated with MicroLyte® Ag Matrix, which is now available on the formulary of several hospital systems and is reimbursed by Medicare Part B. With this new funding, we will be building up our product distribution channels to expand our reach throughout United States,” said Ankit Agarwal, PhD, Imbed’s cofounder and CEO. 

This investment round was organized by Formidable Asset Management (Formidable), a Registered Investment Advisor based in Cincinnati, OH. “We are extremely excited to work with the team at Imbed to help them scale the business and are committed to seeing their surgical matrix technology transform the standard-of-care for hundreds of millions of patients with complex wounds,” said William Brown, owner and CEO of Formidable. 

MicroLyte® Ag Matrix is a next-generation ultrathin wound matrix made with bioresorbable polymers and a patented antimicrobial silver nanotechnology. “The microscale matrix intimately conforms to a wound bed, provides an environment conducive to cell growth, and kills bacteria in contact with the tissue surface. It has provided a strong foundation for tissue regeneration in many complex contaminated wounds that did not respond to months of standard-of-care”, said cofounder Dr. Michael Schurr, MD, Chair of General Surgery at the Mountain Area Health Education Center and trauma surgeon at Mission Health Hospital in Asheville, NC.

In conjunction with the financing, Elizabeth B. Taylor, an investment management professional and experienced COO of investment hedge funds, has joined the company’s Board of Directors, which includes David Guinther, Dr. Michael Schurr and Ankit Agarwal.

“Imbed has earned an inflection point opportunity here as we further bring MicroLyte® Matrix to the market and by doing so advance the science of healing complex wounds,” said David Guinther, General Partner at WISC Partners. 

About Imbed Biosciences 

Imbed Biosciences is registered with FDA as a medical device manufacturer and maintains an ISO 13485 certified quality management system. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented MicroLyte® Matrix technology focused on combating local pain and infections in complex wounds, such as burns, chronic ulcers, surgical wounds, hernia repair, colorectal surgeries, dural repair, orthopedic implants, and cesarean sections. A portion of Imbed’s research funding comes from ongoing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). More information at: www.imbedbio.comand www.MicroLyteAg.com.

Contact information:

Ankit Agarwal, PhD, CEO

ankit@imbedbio.comPhone: 608-237-1525 ext. 402