5 November 2019

Imbed Biosciences Extends Series A Financing to $4 Million to Commercialize Innovative Bioresorbable Bandage

27 September 2019

Imbed Awarded $1.5 Million NIH Grant to Fight Biofilms in Wounds

22 April 2019

MicroLyte® Ag Matrix Clinical Performance to be Featured at National Wound Healing Conference

19 April 2019

Imbed Biosciences Closes $2 Million in Series A Financing to Commercialize Wound Healing Matrix

27 July 2018

Imbed Biosciences’ Clinical Successes to be Highlighted at SAWC Fall 2018

3 July 2018

Imbed Biosciences Receives ISO 13485:2016 Certification

5 June 2018

Imbed Biosciences Launches MicroLyte® Ag Antimicrobial Matrix Clinical Research Program

31 May 2018

MicroLyte® Ag Matrix Added to Formulary at Rush Medical Center

3 April 2018
Imbed Biosciences’ Key Patent Claims Granted in Japan

7 November 2017
Imbed Biosciences’ Team Members Honored in List of Health Innovators 2017

4 April 2017
Imbed Biosciences Advanced Wound Care Portfolio Highlighted SAWC Spring 2017

1 Oct 2016
Imbed Bio Recruits Jeffrey Dalsin To Lead Product Development

9 Sep 2016
Imbed Biosciences Secures ISO 13485:2003 Certification

5 Aug 2016
Imbed Receives FDA Clearance for Bacteria-Killing Wound Dressing

12 May 2016
Imbed Bio Wins 2016 Wound Care Innovation Award in Bremen, Germany

1 May 2016
NIH to Showcase Imbed Bio in Innovation Zone at BIO 2016 in San Francisco, CA

1 Dec 2014
Dow Chemist Joins Imbed Biosciences Team

11 Sep 2014
WISC Partners Make Lead Investment in Imbed Biosciences

28 July 2014
NIH awards Imbed Bio a $1.5M grant to develop advanced wound healing nanofilm

1 Jan 2014
NSF Awards Imbed Bio a $150K Grant to Develop Antibiofilm Wound Dressings Containing Silver and Gallium

13 April 2012
NIH Awards Imbed Bio a $326K Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for Developing Antibacterial Wound Dressings


Jan 13, 2018
“Imbed Biosciences prepares to start selling its wound healing dressing Microlyte Ag
Wisconsin State Journal

Jan 2, 2018
“Imbed Bio snags $1.6M to commercialize infection prevention dressing “

July, 2017
Feature Article: “The business of saving lives: Entrepreneurial bootcamp helped Ankit Agarwal go from scientist to CEO
University of Wisocnsin School of Business: 2016 Report to Investors

Aug 22, 2016
“Imbed Biosciences nabs $600K for infection-prevention wound dressing
Journal Sentinel

Aug 5, 2016
“UW-Madison spinoff gets FDA OK for bacteria-killing wound dressing
University of Wisconsin-Madison

September 5, 2014
“Imbed Biosciences raises $683,000 in funding round”
Journal Sentinel

May 16, 2014
“WIPO publishes patent of Imbed Biosciences for ‘Methods and compositions for wound healing'”
HighBeam Research

April 24, 2014
“Imbed Biosciences raised $180,000 in convertible notes”

April 20, 2014
“From Research and Innovation to Market”
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, 2014, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Nov 22, 2013
“A silver lining for wound dressings”
Wisconsin Angel Network

Oct 28, 2013
“From jet skis to aircraft engines and software, startups to pitch at Early Stage event”
Wisconsin Technology Council

Oct, 2013
“Silver Bandage”
The Wisconsin Engineer

Sept 04, 2013
“Bioforward announces eight innovative Wisconsin companies as winners in 2013 Bioscience Vision Summit’s Emerging Company Showcase”

MarketWatch- Wall Street Journal

Jun 12, 2013
“Audacious Start-ups Part IV: South Asian entrepreneurs with bold vision for healthcare”

Dec 29, 2012
“Fifteen of Wisconsin’s most interesting brainstorms”
Journal Sentinel

Nov 27, 2012
From academic postdoc to Biotech start-up CEO
The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, ASPET

Nov, 2012
Follow a PhD alumnus’ journey from the lab through the world of a biomedical entrepreneur
Iowa State University Fall 2012 Alumni Newsletter- Active Site

Aug 13, 2012
Foreign Scientists and U.S. Policy Makers Seek Ways Around Visa Stalemate
[Feature article on Ankit Agarwal’s entrepreneurship journey]
The Chronicle of Higher Education

(Copy of print newspaper artilce at this link; Full online text accessible at this link)

Aug 10, 2012
Exploring the human side of nanotechnology
Wisconsin State Journal

July 31, 2012
“High-tech silver dressings ward off infection in wounds” 
[Animal study on Imbed’s antibacterial silver-nanoparticle nanofilms published in the journal Annals of Surgery]
niversity of Wisconsin-Madison News

July 14, 2012
“Streamline visa process for education immigrants” 
Journal Sentinel

July 09, 2012
“High-tech wound dressing fights infection in mouse trial” 
[Animal study on Imbed’s antibacterial chlorhexidine nanofilms published in the journal Biomaterials]
niversity of Wisconsin-Madison News

July 06, 2012 
“Innovation marks UW-Madison contribution to vitamins, drugs, medical supplies” 
University of Wisconsin-Madison News

June 26, 2012
“Immigrants file most patents at top schools”
[Article features Imbed’s Ankit Agarwal and a report release by the ‘Partnership for New American Economy]
CNN Money

June 7, 2012
Governor’s Business Plan Contest winners selected
[Imbed Biosciences wins second place in the Lifesciences category of the Governor’s Business Plan Contest]
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

May 31, 2012
12 firms selected to present in Governor’s Business Plan Contest
In Business Wisconsin

May 30, 2012
Finalists named for Governor’s Business Plan Contest
Wisconsin State Journal

May 08, 2012
Business Plan Contest finalists include 14 from Madison area
Wisconsin State Journal

May 07, 2012
Madison bioscience start-up wins SBIR award for biomaterials research
Biotechnology Calendar Inc

April 15, 2012
“Tech and Biotech: Imbed Biosciences gets SBIR grant for wound-healing coating”
Wisconsin State Journal

April 13, 2012
Small Business Innovation Research grant awarded by the NIH for developing antibacterial wound dressings
OUNDS Research

UW-Madison spinoff company earns funding to improve unique wound-healing technology
College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Madison’s Imbed Biosciences wins febderal research grant”
Journal Sentinel

Imbed wins federal funds to develop antibacterial wound dressings
Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Network

May 17, 2011
Wound-dressing idea enters international business-plan competition
University of Wisconsin-Madison News

LESI Foundation 2011 Finalists

Licensing Executives Society International Business Plan Competition

World’s Top Graduate Student Entrepreneurs Compete in London to Win LES Foundation’s International Business Plan Competition
Licensing Executives Society

March 01, 2011
ImBed Biosciences Wins PROPEL Business Plan Competition

Feb 02, 2011
“Chicago, Midwest biotech ventures starved for financing” (featuring Imbed Biosciences for winning Propel Business Plan Competition at the Illinois Biotech Industry Organization (iBio) 2011 conference)
Medill Reports

Feb 03, 2011
“Finalists Selected for PROPEL® Business Plan Competition”

Nov 11, 2010
Madison company’s silver nanoparticles help process of healing burns and wounds” (feature article on Imbed Biosciences Inc)

Nov 8, 2010
“Symposium offers chance for financing to young tech companies in state” (features Imbedl)
Wisconsin State Journal

Nov 2010
“Silver lined bandages prevent infection and promote healing” (feature article)
Perspective: University of Wisconsin College of Engineering

Jul 22, 2010
“MassChallenge Announces Top 110 Finalist Startup Teams” (List Imbed Biosciences as finalist in global start-up competition)

Mass High Tech

Boston Herald

The Boston Globe

Boston Redevelopment Authority

June 15,2010
“Burrill Winner Places Second in Governor’s Business Plan Contest”
Wisconsin School of Business

June 10, 2010
“Wisconsin Technology Council: Neenah’s LIVEyearbook wins seventh annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest”

June 9, 2010
“Liveyearbook wins Governor’s Business Plan Contest”
Journal Sentinel

June 2, 2010
“Top 12 in Biz Plan Contest to square off Tuesday at Entrepreneurs’ Conference”
Wisconsin Technology Council press release

April 26, 2010
“Plan to advance wound care treatment takes top prize in Burrill competition”
University of Wisconsin-Madison News

October 19, 2009
“Entrepreneurial Bootcamp Graduate Secures Kauffman Foundation Award”
University of Wisconsin School of Business

Aug 5, 2009
“Kauffman Foundation Announces First Class of Postdoctoral EntrepreneurshipFellows”

Aug 5, 2009
“The Next Hot Entrepreneurs: Science PhDs”


April 15, 2011
“New technology could stamp out bacteria in persistent wounds”
UW News








TruthAboutSkinCare NewsletterApril2011





Nanotechnology Now
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“Video Abstract”

“Stamping out persistent wounds; Non-toxic dose of silver delivered by novel means”
TCE today
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“Nanoparticle Rubber Stamps Could Help Heal Wounds”
 (Magazine; Cool photo)

“Treating Wounds With a Rubber Stamp”

“Nanotechnology coating could stamp out bacteria in persistent wounds”

October 2009
“Silver-Impregnated Thin Film Takes New Approach to Antimicrobial Activity”
Medical Product Manufacturing News

Aug 19- 21, 2009
“New Approach To Wound Healing May Be Easy On Skin, But Hard On Bacteria”
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News( Breaking News article)
Insciences organization 
Scientific Frontline

Physics today
(List other sources with other titles)
Science Blog

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UW school o f medicine and public health
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ACS: Silver-Delivery System Promotes Wound Healing
“Nanoscopically-thin polymer films with silver nanoparticles kill bacteria and spare fibroblasts”
Modern Medicine
(Image; refers to American Chemical Society (ACS) abstract, Aug 21)

“A Newer and Safer Approach to Healing Wounds”


“Using silver to heal wounds may be easy on skin, but hard on bacteria”
ASM community

“New Silver-Treated Materials for Healing Wounds. They are used especially to kill bacteria”
Softpedia News
News Pingie

“New Experimental Approach to Wound Healing”
A to Z of nanotechnology

“Ultra-thin antibacterial material requires only low doses of silver”
Nanowerk News


“New approach to wound healing utilizes silver’s anti-bacterial properties, but skirts its drawbacks”

“Taking advantage of silver’s antibacterial properties”
R&D Magazine

“New Dressings Material to Keep Wounds Bacteria Free While Promoting Rapid Healing”

“Silver wound dressing”
The Engineer Online

(Lists other publications)

“Silver Can Help Revolutionise Wound Healing”