Mr. Bob Beckman has spent a career building medical device and biotech start-up companies in Madison, WI. He is a certified public accountant.

Mr. Beckman is currently President and CEO of Wicab Inc, a medical device company developing an assistive device for visually impaired. The device translates digital information from a video camera into gentle electrical stimulation patterns on the surface of the tongue. After a pivotal clinical study, Wicab recently obtained regulatory approvals for marketing the device in U.S. and Western Europe.

Mr. Beckman was vice president and chief financial officer of Lunar Corp., Madison, WI, and later, of Bone Care International, Middleton, WI. Lunar Corp made machines to screen for bone density, and was acquired by GE Medical in 2000. Bone Care developed drugs to treat a condition that can lead to bone damage in kidney patients, and was bought by Genzyme in 2005.