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Imbed Biosciences Mission

Imbed Biosciences is an emerging leader in the design, development, and manufacture of cutting edge and advanced devices for soft tissues, burns, and ulcers.2 The fundamental premise and passion at Imbed Biosciences, is to build and provide unique and novel products that are designed to contain a precise combination of three key healing elements: a fully synthetic and biocompatible matrix, a non-toxic and broad-spectrum antimicrobial benefit, and assistance in maintaining optimal moisture balance in the healing environment.2,3,4

Each product line offered by Imbed Biosciences is specifically and uniquely formulated to improve outcomes in high-risk Surgical Wounds – aid in the management of 1st or 2nd Degree Burns – or to assist in the healing of Ulcers

Latest News

Imbed Biosciences, Inc awarded Skin Integrity and Wound Care agreement with Premier, Inc.

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Madison Wisconsin based Imbed Biosciences, Inc has been awarded a Technology Breakthrough designation for PelashieldAM™ with Premier, Inc. through its Kiindo™ pediatric performance group and collaborative. Premier offers Breakthrough Technology designations

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Upcoming Events

Boswick Symposium 2024

Jan 27, 2024  |  00:00AM

Boswick Symposium 2024 January 27 – February 1 Maui, Hawaii Boswick Symposium | Boswick Burn and Wound Care Symposium (

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