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The fundamental premise of Microlyte® Technology, and our passion at Imbed Biosciences, is to build products that are precisely formulated to deliver just the right combination of Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Benefit — to provide a Fully Synthetic and Resorbable Matrix for healthy cell growth — and to assist in Maintaining Optimal Moisture Balance in the healing environment.  

Each Individual Matrix Product offered by Imbed Biosciences is specifically and uniquely formulated to assist in the healing of chronic wounds (Microlyte® Matrix) – assist in the management of 1st or 2nd Degree Burns (PelashieldAM™) – or to improve outcomes in High-Risk Surgical situations (Surgaflex™). 

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Video: “Crazy Fast” healing time for a degloving injury

webadmin  |  Microlyte Vet

MicroLyte VET is surprising veterinarians with its performance on wounds. “Crazy fast” – that’s what Dr. Like says about a degloving injury healed with MicroLyte Vet. The veterinarian at Stanley

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25th Annual Georgia Foot & Ankle Summit

Apr 20, 2023  |  00:00AM

Georgia Podiatric Medical Association April 20-22, 2023 Atlanta, GA Georgia Foot & Ankle Summit (

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