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The Microlyte® Advantage

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“The healing, in my experience, was miraculous. I (did) burn care in the first six years of my practice, and this was an unanticipated result. I became more interested in where else I could be utilizing this product.”

Bill Schillinglaw, DO
Mission Trauma Services and Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center

“I encourage everyone in the outpatient community to consider…Microlyte Matrix. The silver nanoparticles have been key to limb salvage in our wound care center.”

Dr. Shannon Payseur
Preventive Medicine Physician Methodist Hospital For Surgery Addison, Texas

“Microlyte Matrix employs 50 to 100 times less silver than the traditional silver products used in prior protocols of care for wounds, yet it is still more effective in healing chronic wounds. It is very encouraging to get such promising outcomes in deteriorating and stagnant wounds by switching to Microlyte® Matrix as the primary antimicrobial dressing.”

Michael Schurr, MD
Imbed Co-Founder, Chair of General Surgery at Mountain Area Health Education Center, Asheville, NC