Tech Connect Defense Innovation Award 2020

Imbed Biosciences Wins 2020 Defense TechConnect Innovation Award and Will Pitch Microlyte® Wound Matrix Technology At Defense TechConnect Summit


Imbed Biosciences, Inc. (Imbed), a privately held biotech company emerging as a leader in advanced wound care, received a 2020 Defense TechConnect Innovation Award to pitch its Microlyte® Wound Matrix technology during the 2020 Virtual TechConnect Summit, November 17-19, 2020. The annual TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards recognizes the top 15% of submitted technologies as ranked by the Selection Committee.

Infection of battle wounds remains the greatest threat to the combat warfighter who survives a trauma wound, which is inevitably contaminated with bacteria. Prolonged field care with few medical supplies, requires treatment that prevents infection of combat wounds. Existing antimicrobial dressings, however, are generally ineffective in killing bacteria, without also being toxic to healthy tissue. Ultrathin Microlyte® Matrix conforms intimately to the micro-contours of complex wound topographies, ensuring maximum therapeutic effect and kills biofilm bacteria hidden in wound crevices. The matrix itself promotes cell growth and accelerates wound healing, and it is resorbable, thereby eliminating painful removal.

Microlyte® Matrix presents a transformative solution for the treatment of contaminated trauma wounds with potential to impact a large population of military patients. “Microlyte® Matrix exerts a sustained antimicrobial activity for 3 days, reducing need for painful dressing changes in the field and in hospitals. It has a long shelf-life stability of up to 5 years over a wide temperature range. Microlyte® Matrix is highly portable, and is easy to use and apply. These features make Microlyte® Matrix an essential and ideal component in a surgical kit for warfighters at the point of injury, during evacuation, in hospital operating rooms, and during prolonged outpatient clinical care,” said Gaurav Pranami, VP–Research & Development at Imbed Biosciences.

Imbed’s next-in-the-pipeline product offering is currently in late-stage development. Microlyte® PLUS, will address the challenges presented by chronic wounds, which often contain biofilm-encased bacteria that increase the risk of stalled wound healing and septic shock. Microlyte® PLUS is designed to bring a unique combination of silver and gallium ions that can penetrate biofilms. The company is receiving the 2020 Defense TechConnect Innovation Award specifically related to the development of Microlyte® PLUS.

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About Imbed Biosciences, Inc.

Imbed is a privately held biotech company registered with FDA as a medical device manufacturer with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented Microlyte® Matrix technology for tissue engineering to combat local pain and infections in complex wounds such as burns, chronic ulcers, surgical wounds, epidermolysis bullosa, and colorectal surgeries. The research is funded in part by a Small Business Innovation Research grant #5R44AR061913 from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.