A doctor or nurse wrapping a patient's elbow area of their arm

The challenges of treating and caring for wounds

Health Europa did an interview with American Professional Wound Care Association Director Dr Richard Schlanger going in depth about the challenges he sees in the treatment and care of wounds.

Dr. Schlanger states that “the biggest problem that we are seeing is that of preventing a wound from developing a biofilm, which is a symbiotic relationship of multiple bacteria that normally do not interact well with each other, forming bonds which essentially act as a shield over the wound.”

Microlyte Matrix creates the ideal healing environment for a wound. It goes on and conforms to the wound bed, creating a moist, breathable environment; while the silver nanoparticles kill any bacteria that they come into contact with on the dressing, allowing for a quicker healing time.

He also touches on the assumption that all effective wound dressings are expensive or unreachable. We want to remove both of those barriers. Learn more about trying Microlyte.

Read the rest of Dr. Schlanger’s interview here: