The back half of a stripped hammock in a backyard with a person's feet wearing sandals laying in it

Protecting against diabetic foot ulcers in the summer months

An article by Mary Towe highlights the importance of being conscious of the possibility of ulcers on diabetic feet.

“Some diabetics have peripheral neuropathy, or a loss of sensation in the lower extremities due to nerve damage. Because of this loss of feeling, a wound can remain unnoticed for quite some time and become infected, making the individual more vulnerable to delayed healing, progression of wounds, and even sepsis”. This can be especially challenging in those warm summer months when you want your feet to out of those stuffy shoes.

Mary gives seven tips for avoiding diabetic foot ulcers while still feeling the summer breeze across your feet. Read more here:

An eighth tip for avoiding infection in your diabetic foot ulcer is to use Microlyte­­® Matrix to assist in killing bacteria and speeding up healing time.