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Imbed CEO makes wonderful addition to Workplace Immigration Panel

Our very own CEO and founder, Ankit Agarwal, had the incredible opportunity to speak on a panel about the immigrant workforce in Wisconsin. As an immigrant himself, he has first hand knowledge of the challenges of joining the U.S. workforce. He speaks of the difficulty of obtaining a visa post-academia and how the stagnant cap on visas is not mirroring the growth in the job market.

He is joined by immigration attorney Kelly Fortier, dairy farm owner Jay Heeg, former Republican congressman Reid Ribble, and moderated by Wisconsin Technology Council president Tom Still. Each had their own view on how the current immigration policy needs to change and what effects it is having on Wisconsin’s workforce.

Towards the end of the panel, Ankit shares his own struggles on receiving his own green card – and starting up a business in the U.S. – in a personal and enlightening anecdote.

Read an in depth analysis and watch the full panel here: https://www.wisbusiness.com/2021/immigration-issues-adding-to-states-labor-shortages-panel-says/