A veterinarian wearing earbuds in a clinic room

Video: “Crazy Fast” healing time for a degloving injury

MicroLyte VET is surprising veterinarians with its performance on wounds.

“Crazy fast” – that’s what Dr. Like says about a degloving injury healed with MicroLyte Vet.

The veterinarian at Stanley Veterinary Clinic in Oakland Park, KS gave an interview recounting his experiences with MicroLyte Vet. He said that they use MicroLyte Vet a lot for dehiscence and degloving injuries. “I’ve had a couple of those that have worked out very well with MicroLyte…” he said.

Antibiotic resistance is also an issue that can be avoided with MicroLyte Vet, which uses silver as its antimicrobial. However, unlike other silver-based products, it can also be used prophylactically. That means preventing infection, without slowing down the wound healing process.

Or, in Dr. Like’s words, “crazy fast” healing.

See the entire interview here: