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From A Co-Founder and Co-Inventor

The History of Microlyte

Dr. Michael Schurr, a co-inventor of Microlyte and co-founder of Imbed Biosciences, discusses the history of the development of Microlyte during a talk in Ashville in 2019.

Dr. Schurr is a burn and trauma surgeon and general surgeon at Mission Hospitals, Asheville, NC. Dr. Schurr is board certified in general surgery and surgical critical care. He has joined Mission Hospitals as Director of Inpatient Surgical Wound Care in Dec 2014. Prior to that he practiced for more than 15 years at the School of Medicine in University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Colorado-Denver. He brings 27 years of experience in advanced care of chronic ulcers, burns and trauma wounds. He has successfully led clinical trials of several advanced wound dressings and hernia surgical meshes.