The Microlyte® Difference

Microlyte® Matrix provides just the right combination of a synthetic wound matrix, antimicrobial benefit, and moisture management to facilitate healing in chronic wounds. Comprised of a proprietary blend of polyelectrolyte multilayer (PEMS) polymers, Microlyte® Matrix acts as a functional template for healthy cell growth.

Microlyte® Matrix also contains ultra-low levels of ionic and metallic antimicrobial silver (<25µg/sq cm) to prevent microbial contamination and colonization.  Reduction of bacterial bioburden may reduce microbial colonization and risks of wound infection. The matrix is coated with a layer of bioresorbable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to provide moisture management and product handleability.

Microlyte Matrix packaging

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Healthy Cell Growth – Moisture Management – Antimicrobial Benefit

The ultrathin form factor of Microlyte® Matrix allows it to rapidly absorb wound fluid and transform into a material that intimately contours to the underlying wound bed. This places the matrix directly on the wound bed where it is most beneficial to the healing process. The hydrophilic and resorbable PVA in Microlyte® Matrix maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment in the wound, which further facilitates wound healing.

Discover the Microlyte® Matrix difference and why it should be your first choice in wound care

The advanced materials science employed in Microlyte® Matrix delivers a one-of-a-kind wound matrix that is fully-synthetic, bioresorbable, and also antimicrobial. That’s why Microlyte® Matrix is becoming a trusted therapy for wound treatment across the nation.