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MicroLyte Vet

Helping veterinary clinicians heal our furry friends

That’s right – veterinary clinics now have access to an affordable and powerful alternative to antibiotics with MicroLyte Vet. If you’re a veterinary practitioner, hop on over to our veterinary website to learn more about animal health applications.

Example of Use:

Veterinary Post-Operative Use

Here is a common example of MicroLyte Vet: post-operative in a heal by second intention situation. In this case, Michigan State University’s Dr. Byden Stanley (DACVS) used MicroLyte Vet on a surgical wound created by a mast cell tumor removal.

Contact Us About MicroLyte Vet

Want to learn more about MicroLyte Vet, but not feeling like heading over to Send us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible: