The Imbed Biosciences Difference

The Imbed Biosciences next generation portfolio of products – focused on Burns, Surgical Wounds, and Chronic Wounds – are uniquely formulated to meet the complex needs of each patient.  Each product family, manufactured by Imbed here in the USA, provides a unique combination of elements necessary to achieve ideal healing with these goals in mind. 

– Improve outcomes efficiently and economically.

– Foster Healthy Cell Growth even in varied and complex wounds. 

– Provide sustained elimination of bacteria while remaining non-toxic.

– Maintain an ideal moisture environment for efficient healing.

Through our proprietary and unique advanced materials science, Imbed Biosciences helps patients return to their lives faster – more efficiently – and more economically.

How It Works

Products available from Imbed Biosciences are truly one-of-a-kind therapeutics. Delivering unique and customized benefits in Chronic Wounds, Burns and Surgery can happen with product lines from Imbed Biosciences.

Each product line available from Imbed uses a specific formula designed to meet the complex needs of each varying wound type by providing:  A customized and fully-synthetic 3D scaffold that is bioresorbable – A sustained release, non-toxic, and highly effective (99.99%) antimicrobial – And the specific moisture management characteristics needed for each varying wound type.

That’s why, after hundreds of thousands of patient applications, Imbed Biosciences is a great choice for medical professionals across the globe. 

Microlyte Matrix packaging

A Unique 3D Multi-Layer Matrix

Wounds are messy and disorganized – to the naked eye, and on a microscopic level. Chronic wounds differ in complexity from burn wounds, and from acute surgical wounds.   Each wound bed can be a challenging place for cells to proliferate and wounds to heal. This is particularly true if the patient has underlying comorbidities that impair normal wound healing, like diabetes or vascular disease.

Our ability to produce a unique polyelectrolyte multi-layer 3D matrix specifically designed and sized to treat various wound types is unmatched in the industry. The unique and proprietary three-dimensional matrix for each product line is specifically designed to provide benefit in Chronic Wounds, Burn Wounds, and even in Surgical Wounds. Each product is designed and built to conform and mask the complex and disorganized surface topography of the wound bed and to provide a functional template for cells to grow and wounds to heal.  Healthy tissue cells replace the matrix as the body breaks down each piece, leaving no matrix remnants remaining.

Synthetic and Bioresorbable

All Imbed Biosciences product lines are comprised entirely from a unique and proprietary blend of synthetic polymers. Each product line also contains specific amounts of polyvinyl alcohol for handling characteristics and moisture management.  PVA, a component of many drug formulations, cosmetics, and personal care items is a resorbable polymer on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “generally recognized as safe” list.

Importantly, Imbed products do not contain any human or animal derived tissues or cells. Risks generally associated with allograft or xenograft products do not exist.

Hydration and Healing

Maintaining a moist wound environment is critical for proper wound healing and vary depending on wound type. Decades of research show that wounds heal 3-5 times faster when kept ideally hydrated. Keeping chronic wounds, burn wounds, and surgical wounds ideally hydrated also pose specific challenges.

There are several specific ways that maintaining moisture at the wound bed help:

  • Wound healing take less time
  • Wound cells (keratinocytes) function more easily
  • Autolytic debridement is facilitated
  • Decreases incidence of wound infection
  • Preserves growth factors in wound fluid
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Reduces Pain
  • Reduces Scarring

Hydrophilic Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) in the products absorb wound fluid and help maintain ideal moisture right where it is needed to further support wound healing.