Patient Microlyte® Matrix FAQs

How does Microlyte® work?
Microlyte® Matrix provides just the right combination of a synthetic wound matrix and moisture management to facilitate healing in acute and chronic wounds. Microlyte® Matrix also contains a low level of antimicrobial silver to prevent microbial colonization of the matrix.
What is a wound matrix?
A wound matrix is a mesh-like structure, made of either synthetic or biologic components, that can serve as a scaffold or template for new cell growth to aid in wound healing.
It says Microlyte® Matrix absorbs. What is absorbing? Is it safe?
Microlyte® Matrix absorbs fluid or exudate from the wound. Microlyte® contains biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol polymer, a polyelectrolyte matrix and ionic and metallic silver. All of these are safely carried away by the body’s natural processes, or are sloughed off into the cover dressing as the wound heals.
Can Microlyte® Matrix be used with patients who will undergo MRI?
Yes, Microlyte® Matrix has been demonstrated compatible with magnetic resonance imaging.