PelashieldAM packaging


The PelashieldAM™ Difference

Polyelectrolyte Multi-Layer Matrix PelashieldAM™ is specifically formulated to meet the complex needs of Burn Wounds.

Each sheet of PelashieldAM™ is made of a nanofabricated proprietary blend of synthetic polymers built layer by layer into a three-dimensional matrix designed to mimic human ECM. The multi-layer design is cell friendly and provides an environment where fibroblasts and keratinocytes can migrate and proliferate. The proprietary 3D scaffold is cell friendly while being hostile to bacterial growth – unlike traditional human or animal derived scaffolds where bacteria can grow.

The ultra-thin form factor of PelashieldAM™ allows the product to contour to the micro-texture of the wound bed and maintain high antimicrobial efficacy while also serving as a functional molecular template to facilitate the granulation process at the wound bed surface.

bioresorbable_icon.svg - PelashieldAM™

Bioresorbable Matrix

Bioresorbable polymer matrix eliminates the need to remove residual matrix from the wound.

contour_icon.svg - PelashieldAM™

Contours to Wound Bed

Absorbs wound fluid and serves as scaffold for cell migration, vascularization, granulation tissue formation.

transparent_icon.svg - PelashieldAM™

Transparent & Synthetic

Allows for clear view of wound bed, isn’t of human or animal origin, and holds a long room-temperature shelf life.

toxicity_icon.svg - PelashieldAM™

Low Residual Toxicity

Less wound staining and needs only ˜1 µg/cm² Ag+ to kill microbes on the tissue surface.