Surgaflex packaging


The only antimicrobial synthetic polymer matrix designed for use in acute and surgical wounds

Surgaflex™ is a fully synthetic, ultrathin film matrix composed primarily of bioresorbable polyvinyl alcohol, with a polymeric surface coating containing ionic and metallic silver. Surgaflex™ absorbs wound fluid and transforms into a soft bioresorbable material that intimately contours to underlying wound bed delivering a powerful and broad-spectrum antimicrobial benefit without cytotoxicity. The polymeric scaffold provides an ideal environment for healthy cell growth.

Surgaflex™ contains bacteria-killing antimicrobial silver. Reduction of bacterial bioburden may reduce microbial colonization and risks of wound infection. This addition of ionic and metallic silver provides rapid, effective, and sustained antimicrobial activity.

bioresorbable_icon.svg - Surgaflex™

Bioresorbable Matrix

Bioresorbable polymer matrix eliminates the need to remove residual matrix from the wound.

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Contours to Wound Bed

Absorbs wound fluid and serves as scaffold for cell migration, vascularization, granulation tissue formation.

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Transparent & Synthetic

Allows for clear view of wound bed, isn’t of human or animal origin, and holds a long room-temperature shelf life.

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Low Residual Toxicity

Less wound staining and needs only ˜1 µg/cm² Ag+ to kill microbes on the tissue surface.